Great Cold Emptiness – Death Gifted A Bouquet

Nathan Guerrette is a young musician from Maine who, in the middle of the last decade, started to spread music with his solo project Great Cold Empiness; with time the whole thing has taken on a better defined shape, culminating with the transformation into a full band, even if in the last full length released, titled Death Gifted a Bouquet, Nathan has taken care of every aspect except the use of Meghan Wood’s voice (scream and clean). The work offers four long tracks of valid atmospheric back funeral, with cascadian propensities that intertwine with good fluidity to doom slowdowns ending up creating a painful and melancholic mood, supported in most of the consistent duration by a non-trivial evocative potential. For Guerrette this full length could be an ideal basis of consolidation on which to further develop Great Cold Empiness, focusing perhaps the writing in a direction even more emotional and giving up some brutality not always functional to the cause.

2020 – Flowing Downward