The musicians involved in The Taciturn are old acquaintances of the Brazilian doom scene, since the line-up includes Wagner Müller and Paulo Kolbe, the rhythm section (bass and drums respectively) of Lachrimatory in their last full length Transient, dated 2011. In The Ultimate Sickness, Wagner takes care of vocals, guitar and keyboards, leaving the bass to Daniel Kröker and outlining a musical style that found its ideal comfort zone in the sounds codified by bands like Shape Of Despair, Comatose Vigil, Ea and Colosseum. The funeral of The Taciturn shows then rather linear, driven by a good melodic and atmospheric nature that makes it pleasant and sufficiently intense the forty minutes offered, divided into four tracks simply numbered but completed by the final cover of Fallen, historical song of Shape Of Despair. If it’s less any semblance of originality, everything is compensated by a great competence and a melodic predisposition that makes The Ultimate Sickness definitely fluid, although without changes of pace or variations on the theme. In summary, the work of The Taciturn is exactly what you would like to listen to those who love the bands mentioned above and in my opinion there is nothing regrettable in this approach to the matter, orthodox and painful to the right point.

2020 – Eclipsys Lunarys Productions