Philippe Tougas is one of the musicians with the clearest and deepest ideas currently in circulation: his statements found on the web are never banal but, on the contrary, are always full of points of view sometimes enlightening and always imbued with a deep love for music in the broadest sense. Tougas waited until he found the right musicians (especially a drummer) to bring Atramentus to life, even though the tracks that made it onto Stygian (except for the shortest ambient track) date back to 2012. The idea of the musician from Longueuil, son and nephew of art, since his father and uncles were part of the eighties heavy metal band D.D.T., was to provide a product of great artistic value in every aspect, and to do so Atramentus had to become a real band first, able to make use of Greg Chandler for mastering and a first-rate artist like Mariusz Lewandowski to design the magnificent cover. The final result does not disappoint the expectations of the public and especially those of the author, since Stygian, which sees at work in addition to Philippe (vocals and guitar), Claude Leduc (guitar), François Bilodeau (keyboards), Antoine Daigneault (bass) and Xavier Berthiaume (drums), is a work steeped in genuine funeral that takes its cue from the bands that made the history of the genre in the nineties, and then covers itself with an epic aftertaste deriving from the concept centred on the journey of a knight condemned by his immortality to witness the death of the Sun and the end of life on Earth, wandering forever on a cold and hostile planet and suffering all kinds of psychophysical pain without even being able to invoke the ultimate gift of death. The sound perfectly encapsulates these experiences, renouncing any form of melodic wink, despite the important use of keyboards, in favour of a slow and oppressive approach. If the intent of Atramentus is to make the listener identify with the vicissitudes of the protagonist, the goal has been achieved, where the sense of cold is exacerbated by the disturbing use of voice and an essential sound accompaniment, with keyboards stretched to emphasize the atmosphere of abandonment and loneliness of the wandering knight.

2020 – 20 Buck Spin