In this disastrous 2020, one of the most interesting releases in the Italian funeral death doom field (and, in my opinion, not highlighted as it would have deserved) was the one by Scent Of Darkness, the solo project of Turin musician Gianluca Moreo. Insanitude is a relatively short work for the average of the genre, unwinding for about half an hour along four tracks of considerable intensity, in which is collected and reworked the outcome of an existential psychic wear that Moreo wanted to transpose into music. This is the key to understanding a work in which the author’s feelings are exhibited without any mediation, including those same imperfections which, paradoxically, enrich the work rather than limiting its success by exacerbating its spontaneity. The painful guitar lines of Gianluca are supported by the good vocal work of Lorenzo Telve, already his companion in the adventure also in Vereor Nox, and this combination works very well within a sound at times steeped, in terms of attitude, of a certain heritage black death but which has, at the same time, the great merit of not faithfully follow the guidelines of the most important bands in the industry. Insanitude is the request for help resulting from an existential shipwreck that is not put in a bottle and entrusted to the waves but is thrown into the ether through music, one of the most powerful means of expression available to man. If the music is poignant, emotional and above all sincere, doom in its extreme variant becomes the ideal vehicle to ensure that the message reaches a limited number of people, but with the necessary predisposition to accept and share its demands.

2020 – Masked Dead Records 2021 – Nero Corvino