Lethian Dreams – A Shadow of Memories

Listening to an album by Lethian Dreams has the rare power to represent a sort of time-out to interrupt the pressing daily tasks of everyone, immersing a world of soft and delicate colours. The ethereal voice of Carline Van Roos is the ideal balm to soothe the wounds or alleviate the pain of limbs weighed down by a long and bumpy path of life, while the notes created by the vocalist herself and her long-time travel companion, Matthieu Sachs, cloak everything in a thin cloak of melancholy just speckled by the discreet percussive touch of Pierre Bourguignon. The new work, A Shadow of Memories, comes six years after the already splendid Red Silence Lodge and is yet another brushstroke of author given by this proven duo that in the past has also distinguished itself in a version even more dark and introspective with Rememberance. I must say that the vocal style of Carline, which often limits itself to an irresistible whisper from the outcome emotionally much more impactful than any pseudo lyrical warble, is exactly what I always want to hear in albums like these, belonging to a context that define gothic doom ends up being deceptive, here we move on territories contiguous to Trees Of Eternity of Aleah Starbridge or, going back even further, the Norwegian Skumring. The music contained in A Shadow of Memories dries the eyes moistened by tears and offers itself to the listener almost with reluctance, resulting equally disruptive from an emotional point of view: a work of art with a lyrical afflatus difficult to find elsewhere.

2020 – Orcynia Records