The suspension of the collaboration with Vladislav Shahin, following the release of O’Funeralia in 2009, could have pushed Alexander Glavniy to follow with his Autumnia less secure but more personal paths, free from the shadow of Mournful Gust, but the only record released afterwards, in addition to a fine solo album entirely instrumental in 2013, was only Two Faces Of Autumn, in fact the collection of the first two full lengths in a single package published by Solitude Productions in 2015. If at the time this could be interpreted as a sign of a possible return of Autumnia with unreleased material, in reality the hypothesis materializes only five years later, thanks to the recomposition of the association that worked so well even without exploiting the full potential of a musician like Alexander. …And Your Autumnia restarts from where the discourse was interrupted, acquiring a ten-year experience without surprising or disappointing, being a very melodic work full of captivating and involving ideas, excellently played and produced as well as always characterized by the excellent interpretation of Shahin, but for a final result quite far from that idea of funeral death doom that Glavny pursued in the beginning.

2020 – Archaic Sound