A valid and appropriate alternative to the reissues of albums of the past, which may include as the only novelty some bonus tracks, is undoubtedly the recording from scratch of the entire tracklist, with the author who has the opportunity to intervene on technical and executive aspects that perhaps had not satisfied him at first, especially if the work in question was one of the first steps in the record. Daniel Neagoe doesn’t shirk this strategy: although he put Eye Of Solitude in limbo, he decides to revisit the debut full length The Ghost, turning it upside down enough to make it fully up to the next works, from Sui Caedere to the final Slaves To Solitude. The gothic doom of the original version becomes a melodic death doom with funeral veins that ends up resembling more Clouds than Eye Of Solitude, which is not a bad thing, at least if you look at it from the point of view of usability. The Romanian musician succeeds in exalting at best the melodic and dramatic component of his sound, changing the tracklist and diluting the duration of most of the original tracks, making this remake of The Ghost something not to be missed for those who have been drinking from his undeniable talent for a long time.

2011 – Independent 2020 – Church Of Doom Records