Mortis Mutilati has been one of the most credible and up-to-date forms of black metal for almost a decade now. While presenting all the contaminations that the French exponents of the genre usually do not miss, the band led by Macabre never loses sight of the corrosive impact of the sound nor of a melodic idea always present and fundamental to make the proposal even more incisive. Because, then, in the end, the black offered by the transalpine musician, now surrounded by a real band, is original enough to be recognizable among the myriad of releases that crowd the web these days. That’s why a full length like The Fate of Flight 800, the fifth in the history of Mortis Mutilati, is like the others a work that should not be missed for any reason if you are looking for a sound that is sharp but at the same time modern even in a genre that sometimes shows signs of obsolescence.

2020 – Independent