In 2020 A Dead Cold Lament appear, a duo that hides under thick hoods and unlikely nicknames such as The Fifth Empire Of Solitude and Am I? and a fascinating, albeit fanciful, Antarctic origin. As far as the geographical location of the band is concerned, I’ll take for granted the Chilean nationality reported by Encyclopaedia Metallum, while from a strictly musical point of view, which is what counts the most, we’re dealing with a funeral of depth that winds through six tracks for about an hour of music, well produced and properly executed, at least until the duo just unrolls an intense riffing and a corrosive voice, less convincing when they try to work more or less finely. The sound contained in Shadows Of Myself belongs to the more ritualistic side of the genre, strengthened by the use of a psalmodying clean vocal that, for a change, represents the weak point of the proposal (along with some revisable guitar solos) since, if mother nature doesn’t give you the gift of a natural intonation, with growl or scream you fix everything, otherwise the knots come punctually to the comb. Having said that, the work turns out to be good on the whole, of course if ours would move exclusively within their comfort zone the result would be much better, because the most painful and melodic moments (listen to a track like Act V: Hypocrisy) are suggestive of a certain talent for such funereal sounds.

2020 – Gate of Horror Productions