Towards – III

Towards has the peculiarity of sounding like an anomalous proposal, paradoxically because of its simplicity: the idea of Korpi (str) and Jumal (vc) is to offer desolating sounds without making the most of the cues offered by electric instruments but, if anything, opting for an intimist sound, sometimes with songwriting traits, other times recalling Devil Doll in the more rarefied passages, especially the piano ones. The Helsinki duo create a depressive scenario with an indolent pace, as if the transmission of their discomfort should not be too disruptive. The three albums released between 2017 and 2020 (absolute minimalism also in the choice of the titles, I, II and III) are engaging despite their imperfections, and listening to them the feeling is that, being a classic DIY project, probably also detached from the scene, these interesting works have escaped the radar of critics and fans. It’s a pity because Towards are very skilled in depicting an existential desolation, using a bare but often capable of touching the right emotional chords.

2020 – Independent