Persistence In Mourning – Dying in the Darkness

Andy Lippoldt began his career with the moniker Persistence In Mourning in 2007, and to date he has put together about twenty releases, of which only three are long-distance. In fact, among these there are also nine split albums, some of them shared with important names such as Elemental Doom Trilogy I – Wood (2008) with Worship, I / Neo-pessimism (2010) with Rigor Sardonicous and the one of 2012 with Aarni. The funeral proposed by Lippoldt has as its main feature the sense of oppression that spreads in the ears of the listener through a magma sound from ultra-low tones and a filtered voice bubbling in the background, a minimalism in which occasionally intervenes to derogate some keyboard passages or a more pronounced riff, but the general feeling has always been that of a project valid but amateurish traits, genuine in transmitting the negativity related to the music proposed as overrated, perhaps by virtue of the number of releases rather than the overall quality. It has to be said that, critically, Persistence In Mourning is a name that sometimes appears when one wants to refer to sounds between drone, ambient and experimentalism associated with a funeral base, and this means that the work of good Andy has a certain relevance, beyond what may be thought by those who prefer the genre in other forms. Anyway, to summarize, after the hyperactivity in the period between 2007 and 2013, only in 2020 new material is published with the releases of the full length Dying in the Darkness and the ep A Tongue Of Bone, all apparently in line with what was done in the past, with the difference of a greater care in terms of sound that does not sweeten an approach always and above all disturbing.

2020 – Dying Sun Records