Dave J. Coats has given life to other projects besides Faithless Minuted Devoured, mostly of dark ambient or industrial matrix, but in the last years has emerged also the one called Resign From Humanity, where he is accompanied by vocalist and keyboardist Skot Shaw. According to the intentions it is a funeral doom influenced by both Type 0 Negative and Paramecium and the interesting thing is that, in fact, all this is reworked with great property and a good dose of personality, going to paint a dramatic picture and marked emotional intensity. It must be said that Shaw as a vocalist has nothing to do with Steele, preferring, if anything, a style that, with due proportion, refers more to an Eric Clayton for the attempt to make his tone theatrical and evocative. In Dreams Lurk Nightmare Things and Drowning In Eventuality have been released respectively in 2019 and 2020 on Dave’s bandcamp and are available for free download; the first of the two works appears much more inspired and engaging but, in any case, the second one, in which Paramecium’s Andrew Tomkins himself takes part as guest vocalist in two tracks, is not bad at all, even if a certain underlying static makes the whole listening experience tiring, in light of a duration close to an hour and a half.

2020 – Independent