The French band Ixion began their career in 2007 as a band dedicated to atmospheric doom with funeral propensities, which over the years has incorporated post-metal elements to make the sound more straightforward and dreamy, in deference to a cosmic concept that can be inferred from the chosen moniker (Ixion is one of the largest planetoids in the Kuiper belt, which includes the celestial bodies of the Solar System orbiting beyond Pluto). After this brief review of astronomy, let’s return to the Breton duo formed by Julien Prat and Yannick Dilly, saying that L’Adieu Aux Etoiles, released in 2020, is their fourth full length and, like the others, exhibits great quality. Compared to the most recent albums, the sound has imperceptibly become darker again, but not enough to hide the enormous atmospheric potential of these forty minutes, which are definitely very enjoyable without the lightness of the sound making the contents impalpable. The contribution of an effective electronic component fits perfectly with the spatial imagery of Ixion, who probably remember that they are compatriots of a certain Jean Michel Jarre, as well as Alcest with regard to shoegaze nuances, inserting everything in a doom context and going to build one of the best releases of last year.

2020 – Finisterian Dead End