Among the most interesting and peculiar works released in 2020, a special mention goes to Tunguska, the first long-distance work by Swedish band Aisumasen. Starting from a sludge base, the Goteborg quintet initially seems to move in the subgenre before showing sudden deviations that leads it to sound, at times, like a deviated version of Type 0 Negative, including the use in those moments of vocals similar to those of the late Peter Steele as an alternative to the canonical timbre of sludge matrix. The overall effect is alienating and not always easy to decipher, also in the light of a total duration close to seventy minutes, but of the amount of meat put on the fire by Aisumasen a good part is cooked to perfection, especially in those moments when the sound becomes more painful and melodic, going to fish out even the most intimate and funereal drives of the masterpiece The Dead End of fellow countrymen Abandon. To be able to appreciate Tunguska you have to dig a bit, undoubtedly, but the effort in the long run could be amply repaid.

2020 – Social Blasphemy Records