Sergio Da Silva, aka Bornyhake, after contributing to the success of Astral Silence’s Sagittarius A*, decides to set up on his own inaugurating his solo project My Death Belongs To You with the release of the full length The World Seems To Be Fading, to be considered to all intents and purposes as the first funeral album with all the chrisms coming from Switzerland. The musician in his musical career has been involved in many bands of good depth, especially of black matrix, although it should not be forgotten that his first appearance at the end of the last century was with the remarkable industrial reality called Borgne. The birth of My Death Belongs To You dates back to a few years ago, but only today has the fruit of his efforts been made available to listeners. The World Seems To Be Fading proposes the genre without going out of the schemes that define it, but, while moving in a well-defined area, it turns out to be rich in nuances, managing to evoke the sense of loss and oppression without adhering to a specific model. To put it simply: the funeral proposed by Bornyhake, though not original, doesn’t remind us of a particular band, but it seems to be able to get the best from that small group of seminal bands (especially Finnish ones, I would say, Shape Of Despair for the melodic sense and Colosseum for the immanent despair that surrounds everything), giving in the end a very exciting and convincing product. Everything is performed with skill and without smearing, so that after two or three listens The World Seems To Be Fading becomes an indispensable medicine to soothe the sense of emptiness and uncertainty that surrounds everyone in such a difficult year.

2020 – Funere