The return of Enter The Soil, after the good debut of 2017 That Amber Lit Morning, happens with this new work titled The Still Forest, Bathed in Mist, another test of good thickness for the New Zealand musician Justin Chorley: the alternation between slowed down and marked times and melodic cues of relief is the stylistic figure found in six tracks not even too long for the average of the genre, even if the fulcrum of the work lies at the two extremes with its two longest tracks, the opener Darkness Within Your Reach and the final The Still Forest, which are prolonged for the time necessary to unravel the interesting plots of Chorley, as opposed to the shorter central songs that have almost the appearance of fragments more sketched than developed in their entirety. The album proves to be good overall, even if the decisive leap in quality is postponed to a possible further release.

2020 – Independent