The Germans Ascian are the authors of one of the most interesting death doom debuts in 2020, thanks to an approach able to merge at best the violence of death with the melancholic nuances of doom, without overflowing neither on the melodic side nor on the extreme one. In fact, the Brunswick quartet doesn’t skimp on violence and brutal accelerations, but the difference compared to many other similar bands lies in the balance and in the good dosage of the ingredients, so that Elysion will probably be appreciated even by the most hardened deathsters. More reflective moments are not missing, but this happens without ever losing a certain fluidity. Apart from the excellent Dead Will Carry Dead, a track on which a video was made, the tracklist shows a good compactness and does not betray even in terms of sound, thanks to the hands of the well-known Déhà who took care of the recording.

2020 – Black Sunset