The year 2020 saw the debut of Jesse Laatikainen’s Horre with an ep, The Cycle, and the full length Teetädäk, inspired by nature and paganism. In spite of these clues, there are no traces of black metal in the sound, on the contrary, the funeral of the Turenki’s guy is as orthodox and essential as ever, definitely better defined in the second of the two works in which the minimalism of riffs and rhythmic accompaniment are more functional to the cause. Needless to say that the brand Horre is, like many others, synonymous with self-production with all that follows. It is however praiseworthy the attempt to insert in a very rough and reverberated context some subtle and not banal melodic lines, as well as folk and ambient hints, even if there is still a lot of work to do for Jesse to be able to measure himself with the majority of the funeral realities of his nation.

2020 – Independent