Even if an authoritative magazine such as Doom-metal.com assigns them a funeral black label, Kraken Duumvirate are authors of a much more elusive sound that is difficult to categorise but of great quality. The ep From The Dying Soil To The Eternal Sea of 2008 offered, in fact, a little less than twenty minutes of experimental and disturbing sounds that entrusted the conducting of the sound to a guitar work essential but very effective in returning horror sensations. The impression was that this project was something extemporary, created by musicians perhaps engaged elsewhere in the vein of experimentation, and this conjecture was confirmed not only by the hidden identity of the duo, which assumes the curious nicknames of Magus Polypus Apollyon XIII and Grand Architeuthis S. Dux, but also by the sporadic occurrence of the duo’s songs, as well as the sporadic nature of the releases, since the second episode of the saga of the Kraken, The Astroglyphs Of The Ritual Of Deluge, was presented in 2011; it was another ep, this time a little longer but schematically similar, with an instrumental intro, a second long central track and a short but disturbing closing track. Compared to its predecessor, the main track exhibited more melancholic traits that, in the long run, became obsessive and distressing, for a result not dissimilar if we want from the softer Blut Aus Nord, but still convincing, being another proof of thickness that, both for its brevity and, above all, for the little popularity acquired by Kraken Duumvirate, passed rather unnoticed. After a long silence, the sea monster emerges again off some icy expanse of water near the Arctic Circle in the form of a full length, The Stars Below, The Seas Above, which brings back to the fore a musical reality that can no longer be ignored. Over an hour of music, this time, does not leave as in the past the feeling of having listened to only a tasty taste of what these two musicians can do; not only that, there is also the possibility in the course of a wider development to appreciate all the nuances and possible sources of inspiration that flow into a personal sound. If the experimental black doom reminds us of our fellow countrymen Dolorian, the aquatic theme necessarily brings us back to Ahab, all seasoned with the innate Finnish melancholic mood. The involvement of the listener happens without forcing, simply wrapping him in its indolent flow that hides a latent tension, ready to explode sporadically and for a few moments. Compared to the ep, the sound acquires something more refined, thanks to the reduction of the black component and the use of electronic flashes caught in the interludes; Kraken Duumvirate cannot be considered a funeral band in all respects, at least if you compare them to the leading names of the genre, but their proposal has much of the attitude; similarly, it tests patience and the ability to absorb a sound that at times becomes elusive and seems to really float in the waves to disperse in the open sea, until you realise you have been carried by the currents right there, the only survivors on board a boat adrift, waiting for the monstrous tentacles to emerge for the last time.

2020 – Silent Future Recordings