After the release of False Horizon, two singles, two ep’s and a split album between 2014 and 2015 seemed to be the swan song for Until My Funerals Began; among these works, the two ep’s, May 2, 2014 and And Again May 2, as you can imagine, were linked to each other and had as their subject matter the war going on at the time between Russia and Ukraine in the Donbass area, where the band resides. The poignant song Luctius, contained in the first ep, was also included in the split album In Memoriam, shared with Abysmal Growls Of Despair and In Lacrimaes Et Dolor. Timur Mitykov returns after a long silence in 2020 with another split, Ad Cenerem, again with the Italian band and Peruvians Sepultus Est, and then with the new full length, Traitor. The invoked elements of discontinuity come in the form of rhythmic variations, especially in the two tracks of the split, and of a more dissonant use of melodies accompanied by vocal solutions that prefer a deep tone, let’s say Peter Steele style, and all this has the side effect of losing the best feature of Until My Funerals Began, that is linearity. And this should make you think, I think.

2020 – GS Productions