On the occasion of the previous Ways Of The Dead I wrote that the dreamy and melodic Frailty of Melpomene had been swallowed up by a much harsher and corrosive reality, in some ways similar to the more gritty Novembers Doom in their approach to the genre. Tumši ūdeņi confirms the definitive approach to this form of death doom that leaves little room for melancholy, in favour of an angry impact that is in some ways exacerbated by the exclusive use of the Latvian idiom. The band from Riga, so, making use of the always remarkable voice of Martins Lazdāns, offers a cohesive and flawless album in which several songs stand out including the excellent Es Degu (I’m burning) accompanied by a disturbing video that sees the protagonist end up precisely at the stake. Nothing to object to, really, but those who fell in love like me with an album as imperfect but full of memorable ideas as Melpomene, some regret for the new course of Frailty remains.

2020 – Independent