Invernoir – The Void And The Unbearable Loss

This long-distance debut album by the Roman band Invernoir is really great, with fifty minutes of international gothic doom. The musicians involved are quite well known and have been active for a long time in the Capitoline scene, especially the vocalist and guitarist Alex Sforza, who has made a name for himself in recent years with his main project Ars Onirica. On the other hand, Invernoir are a full-fledged band who had already proven themselves with the 2018 ep Mourn; after some line-up adjustments, among which Sforza’s switch to scream and growl at the microphone and the provisional renunciation of a physical drummer, the three-piece line-up that also includes Lorenzo Carlini (clean vocals and guitar) and Valerio Lippera (bass) has paid off in the form of a mature and at the same time inspired sound, well balanced between more evocative and rarefied passages and some sporadic but effective outbursts of extreme matrix. The Void And The Unbearable Loss is a work of great value, in its own way sufficiently original but above all dripping with pathos excellently conveyed by the trio of musicians.

2020 – BadMoodMan