The duo called Gravkväde debuted in 2017 with the demo Grav|sorg, inaugurating the habit of naming all releases always using the Swedish word Grav (tomb) followed by the separating character and another word; a new demo and a compilation summarising the first two releases leads to the first full length Grav|aska (2018). As declared by the band, the sound offered takes a form not dissimilar to a master of this style such as Nortt; for this reason it is normal to expect a dark, depressive approach with a healthy dose of hatred and nihilistic rage well expressed by vocalist Domedag, to occupy the spaces that in the more traditional funeral doom are reserved for less direct and more introspective feelings. The latest Grav|Ruin, as reported on Gravkväde‘s bandcamp, is also the first album written as a full band with the aim of capturing the purest essence of desolation and pain without compromising. In fact, the work, thanks to the contribution of bassist Gravrot and drummer Vidunder, proves to be in its own way more varied without losing its main connotations close to the black metal scent rather than to the funeral one, a genre in which Ezra and members have not been inserted in a forced way.

2020 – War Against Yourself Records