German band Lone Wanderer began their journey in the last decade, concretising their preparatory work with the ep Principles in 2014, followed by the full length The Majesty Of Loss two years later. Good critical feedback certainly didn’t rush the Baden-Württemberg band, so the next full-length album The Faustian Winter didn’t arrive until 2020. The great orthodoxy exhibited by Lone Wanderer from the very beginning is not lacking even in this new work, and their funeral doom, a real distillation of the lesson of their fellow countrymen Ahab and Worship with a massive injection of Mournful Congregation, continues to fall with all its load of melancholic disenchantment on listeners who ask for nothing else. Although Bruno Schotten and his associates do not reach the heights of the historical bands, they confirm themselves as a valid alternative in the usually long moments of lull between one record and the next. The four long tracks leave little doubt and even less hope: the future of mankind is anything but rosy.

2020 – Fucking Kill Records