Bipolar Disorder – Dive into the Sea of Dying

Magyar funeral is enriched by Jøzsef Tøth’s newcomers Bipolar Disorder, a project that, at least in its first two works, has the help of vocalist Gábor Sütő, who was with him in the brutal death band Degregore. Bipolar Disorder didn’t enter the scene shyly, since in 2020 alone they released an ep (The First Step into the Unknown Light) and three full lengths (Agony of Melancholy, Mysterious Pain and Dive into the Sea of Dying) for a total of about three hours of music. The moniker obviously refers to the disease that causes two opposite personalities to coexist in a single individual, creating mood and behavioural swings that can make a normal existence impossible unless prompt action is taken with a combination of pharmaceutical drugs and psychotherapy. Similarly, the music of Bipolar Disorder, since the first full length Agony of Melancholy, focuses on the contrast between the extreme parts and the caressing pace of the ambient; the alternation between these phases is performed with skill and the right inspiration, going to compose a framework of considerable artistic depth as well as conceptual. The next album, Mysterious Pain, differs from the previous one, not only for the fact that Sütő’s voice has been replaced by Tøth himself, but also for a concept linked to the disease but with a naturalistic touch, theorizing that feeling in harmony with what surrounds us can be, if not a solution, at least a great help in overcoming the mysterious pain evoked in the title. The third and last work, Dive into the Sea of Dying, seems less focused and a bit too dispersive, perhaps because of the attempt to get out of the schemes adopted with good success a few months before; there is the feeling that Tøth wants to use other expressive canons close to black metal and sometimes with hints of folk, with the use of not excellent clean vocals, ending up offering a more chaotic and less convincing result.

2020 – DHS Records