Völur – Death Cult

The Canadians Völur are one of the musical excellencies that have emerged in recent years as far as doom with a strong folk contamination is concerned. Death Cult, the second full length, confirms the inspiration of the trio formed by Lucas Gadke, Laura Bates and Justin Ruppel, who, by renouncing the guitar, manage to create a full, versatile and peculiar sound, using mainly string instruments, keyboards and bass. Gadke is also the bassist of the great Blood Ceremony, and it is no coincidence that in the last two tracks of the four on the setlist, priestess Alia O’Brien lends her voice. The album unfolds in an unpredictable way, with an approach sometimes close to certain classical music without giving up experimentation and dissonance, especially in the third track: the feeling is to be in the presence of a band and a musical interpretation well above average.

2020 – Prophecy Productions