Dark Buddha Rising – Mathreyata

Dark Buddha Rising have been stirring the sleeps of many listeners since 2007, when Petri and Jukka Rämänen gave life to their drone sludge creature, whose moniker evokes a form of rituality taken to its extreme consequences. Mathreyata is the sixth long-distance episode and it does not betray the expectations, offering about three quarters of an hour of obsessive and almost toxic sounds for their ability to penetrate under the skin, despite an instinctive initial repulsion. Just the first three minutes of Sunyata, with the song that seems constantly about to explode without ever starting, to understand what awaits us in the continuation of the work, between heavy sounds, oppressive and constantly suspended, an initiatory journey, made of suffering and expiation in search of another dimension, in whose coils you are enveloped without any possibility of escape.

2020 – Svart Records