Inner Missing – Deluge

Russian band Inner Missing are quite prolific, having released eight full lengths in just over a decade. Started with a death doom of good but not essential level, the group led by Sigmund, born Pavel Krasnov, has arrived in recent years to a convincing form of gothic metal that finds a consolidation with this latest Deluge, work in which the leader is accompanied by his wife Melaer (Alexandra Krasnova). The female presence does not imply the use of ethereal tones, since the vocal compartment is entirely the prerogative of the good Sigmund, endowed with a deep and pleasant timbre. Deluge is a work that by its nature will not leave indelible marks in the history of the genre, but it’s really enjoyable in all its three quarters of an hour duration and, what’s not bad, instead of shelving it after the first passage in the player makes you want to listen again to enjoy the excellent melodic afflatus.

2020 – Inverse Records