After the good impressions left by their debut full length Painful Shadow in 2017, Hadal from Trieste come back with a new work that, basically, confirms the overall value of death doom tending to alternative, which makes the offer very interesting. As already mentioned when talking about their previous work, Hadal soften the harshness by including in their compositions a massive component of what was the 90s grunge, even if in December this seems to come in a lesser way than in the past. Whether this is a good or a bad thing is not easy to determine, because if on the one hand the mixture with the sounds of Seattle makes the songs much more catchy, a certain roughening of the sound sometimes gives them more depth. Despite the fact that Hadal includes very experienced musicians, December still seems to be a sort of passage album waiting for a third test able to define in a more precise and accomplished way the stylistic direction to take, being understood that the nine songs offered are all of valuable workmanship but, perhaps, slightly less inspired and amalgamated in their dosing of different souls than what was done with Painful Shadow.

2020 – Planet K Records