In the past, one of the most underestimated and least understood funeral bands was Krief De Soli, the solo project of a Canadian musician known by the stage name Egregoir De Sang. The two albums released respectively in 2010 and 2012, Procul Este Profani and Munus Solitudinis, highlighted a certain incommunicability translated into a gloomy keyboard work devoid of particular melodic or atmospheric openings. After a long silence that suggested the possible end of the project, Krief De Soli come back at the end of 2020 with an album programmatically titled Requiem: Missa Pro Defunctis In F-moll; the title is indicative of what is the structure of the work, or as a real requiem mass clearly subservient to the funeral doom with lots of growl vocals, heavy guitar riffs to intersect with a painful symphonic aura and the contribution of the lute. It is a truly impressive work and at the same time less difficult than the past albums by Krief De Soli, capable of transporting with the imagination between the naves of a gothic cathedral at the time of the earthly farewell step of the deceased.

2020 – MFL Records