Mournful Gust – Fly Sorrow Fly

Eight years after their last album, Mournful Gust, one of the historical Ukrainian doom bands led by one of the best singers of the scene, Vladislav Shahin, are back. Fly Sorrow Fly is only the fourth full length in the course of an over twenty-year career that started in 2000 with the acerbic She’s My Grief to continue with the excellent The Frankness Eve in 2008 and For All The Sins in 2013. Two decades are significant in the path of any band and this is also true for Mournful Gust, whose gothic doom of My Dying Bride imprint has gradually shifted towards less derivative sounds, arriving with this last work to the proposal of a more personal and defined style that, while maintaining the bases of the beginnings, goes towards shores sometimes close to classic doom as well as to the more melodic heavy metal, also thanks to excellent guitar cues in the solo phase. The album is at the same time enjoyable but also endowed with a certain depth, with a flowing tracklist featuring a series of songs that can be fixed with ease in the memory despite the proposal embraces a rather wide stylistic range, at least if you compare tracks like the grim Forgiven/Forgotten and the ethereal and melodic Thanks For A Shine. The rediscovered vein of a musician as thick as Shahin is one of the best news of the year for fans of the genre, in light of the excellent work done a few months ago on the last album of Autumnia, a project of former Mournful Gust Alexander Glavniy.

2021 – Soman Records