Omination – NGR

Tunisia has so far carved out an important place for itself in the metal scene thanks to Myrath, a formidable interpreter of symphonic power prog metal, unique for its perfect contamination with Arab music. For some years now, Fedor Kovalevsky Souissi, a musician of Russian mother and Tunisian father, has been making his mark in the North African country. Under the moniker Omination, he had already released an excellent album, Followers Of The Apocalypse, in 2018. Fedor’s apocalyptic vision of the world we live in is taken to extremes with his recent NGR, an acronym that stands for New Golgotha Republic. In a genre that often sets to music the painful feelings following the triggering event, NGR is the event itself, it is the soundtrack that is played as the world slowly moves towards its own inexorable ruin; an impressive work in terms of impact, damn dark and just as oppressive. Solemn keyboards, a devastating vocal interpretation for intensity and an obsessive riffing create a whole not easy to assimilate, but perseverance rewards allowing you to listen to what, in 2021 just started, is already proposed as one of the possible qualitative peaks of the year for extreme doom.

2021 – Hypnotic Dirge Records