Godly is the title of the new release signed by Abyssian, a band led by Rob Messina, a Sicilian musician who has been based in Milan for years, and who in the early nineties was one of the founders of Sinoath, one of the historical Italian death bands. In their last work of 2016 Abyssian have demonstrated to be able to handle with competence the matter of gothic doom trying to articulate it between different nuances to bring the sound beyond the stylistic elements of the genre but, in this last and just released Godly, everything takes on an aspect even more iridescent without expiring in dispersion, acquiring in return a stylistic figure that makes it difficult to find a prevailing approach to this or that band; In any case, if we want to give a general idea, at an Italian level sometimes The Foreshadowing come to mind, while going beyond our borders I would say the latest Secrets Of The Moon, even if for example the opening track Seven shows more than a glimpse of the death background. On a conceptual level Godly is linked to the themes of the previous Niburu Cronichles, linked to the fascinating theories related to the existence of Planet X, that is Nibiru; the lyrics have a certain depth, since wondering about who we are, where we come from and where we will end up is never trivial, and they are well interpreted always with clean intonation by the good Messina.

2021 – Revalve Records