Dordeduh – Har

Nine years after their first full length, Dordeduh finally return with a new work of a level unreachable by most other mere mortals. Dar De Duh was the thoughtful reaction of Hupogrammos and Sol Faur to the traumatic split with Negură Bunget, caused by the irremediable disagreements with their third founding member Negru. The legacy of the most important Romanian band of all time had been invaluable up to that point, with the peak being an album like Om, considered by most critics to be one of the best works ever produced in black metal, despite the fact that the label was rather narrow to the music contained therein. With Dordeduh, Edmond Karban and Cristian Popescu, as they were known, ideally gave continuity to that work imbued with spirituality and experimentation, leaving Gabriel Mafa, who would later pass away in 2017, to lead Negură Bunget along a path of more marked folk traits. The reduced use of that acoustic and ancestral soul that also pervaded Dar De Duh, with the masterpiece track Dojana as its manifesto, is probably what marks the biggest differences with this new Har, a work with grittier traits but not without dreamy passages and airy melodies, all inserted into a sound oscillating seamlessly between gothic, black metal, progressive, psychedelia and folk, blessed by the holy hand of Jens Bogren in the recording to make the sound flawless even to the most discerning palates in this sense. Even if it takes a little too long for our earthly parameters, Dordeduh give Har a new unmissable work containing a little more than an hour of music without stylistic and temporal constraints.

2021 – Prophecy Productions