Raffaele Galasso is a musician from Brindisi who, after being very active in the last ten years with his project Gardenjia, dedicated to a black metal experimental traits, has published under the moniker Shamael a remarkable work in the name of the most orthodox funeral doom entitled Melancholie Der Engel. The album consists of four long tracks for a total of forty minutes atmospheric but imbued with a mood constantly dark and subdued, often intersected by ambient passages that do not break the gloomy mood created by the excellent Galasso, the stylistic approach is located near the one exhibited by Ryan Wilson in the most introspective works of his The Howling Void, which translates into something almost unheard of in Italy, since the appearance assumed by the genre in our parts are very often transverse and contaminated by black or post metal drives. Just the coherence and the only apparent linearity of the proposal make Melancholie Der Engel a work that funeral fans should not miss in light of its depth; for those who want to know more I point out the space dedicated to Shamael by Giuseppe Felice Cassatella in his blog Il Raglio del Mulo, with an interview from which I extract this beautiful sentence given by Raffaele: “doom generates an epic and desperate beauty even if it is caused by black feelings such as depression, nihilism and antisociality“. It’s hard to find a better definition.

2021 – Satanath Records