Suffer Yourself, a project born about ten years ago by Stanislav Gorovkha, a Polish/Ukrainian musician who has been living in Sweden for some time now, is one of the several returns of realities that have been silent for a long time. Rip Tide is a work better refined than the previous Ectoplasm of 2016, also thanks to the mastering entrusted to Greg Chandler, a name that with his Esoteric has also influenced not a little in the development of the sound of Suffer Yourself, as perceptible from the beginning and so also in this release. In just over half an hour, Goruvkha puts on the plate a substantial number of ingredients starting from the robust funeral death doom base of the first long track Spit In The Chasm, pushing the dreamlike nuances of Désir De Trépas Maritime (Au Bord De La Mer Je Veux Mourir) to close by entrusting the entire Submerging to the drones of Ukrainian musician Ugasanie. If it’s possible to be a bit perplexed by such a reduced offering after a long silence, it must be said that Rip Tide has a certain gift for synthesis, proving to be an unexceptionable work in all respects.

2021 – Aesthetic Death