Angel Chicote is a Spanish musician who has been active for over a decade with several projects that embrace almost the entire range of extreme metal genres, the most interesting of which has long been the one called Graveyard Of Souls which, with the help of vocalist Raul Weaver, has seen him publish seven full lengths of well-made melodic death doom, with a peak in the recent Infinity Equal Zero. At the end of the last decade, however, Angel formed Ornamentos Del Miedo, a solo outfit dedicated to a brilliant form of atmospheric funeral, culminating in the 2019 full length Este No Es Tu Hogar. His return under this moniker coincides with the release of one of the best albums in the sector in recent times; although his previous work was already of a not inconsiderable level, with Ecos the Burgos musician delivers over an hour of intense, enthralling music, constantly marked by a high emotional impact. This result is achieved by making the most of a good guitar work that winds on a carpet of enveloping keyboard, exhibiting at more than one juncture admirable melodic solutions. The funeral in the interpretation of Ornamentos Del Miedo never takes on desperate traits, but is expressed through a melancholic gait in which, basically, the only roughness is represented by the harsh growl of Angel; there are no weak points in the beautiful proposal, except maybe a minimum stylistic uniformity, even if a song like Heridas Abiertas, characterized by an excruciating guitar, stands out from the rest of the tracklist. Considering also the goodness of the already mentioned Graveyard Of Souls album, released only two months before, we can reasonably think that 2021 will be the year of possible consecration for Angel Chicote.

2021 – Solitude Productions