Three years after Dust Of Aeons, it’s time for the second act of the Towards Atlantis Lights adventure, a project that brings together some of the brightest minds of the European funeral death doom scene. Ivan Zara, guitarist and soul of the indispensable Void Of Silence, is the compositional engine of most of the material, while Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist) on vocals and keyboards as well as the author of the lyrics, Riccardo Veronese (Aphonic Threnody) on bass and Ivano Olivieri on drums are always there to help him. It’s superfluous to point out that Zara’s peculiar touch from the very beginning creates an immediate connection with his main band, but it is, in fact, only an induced impression and not something established, since the sound becomes at times much harsher, even leading to outbursts of pure death matrix, all within a sound construction restless and consistently oppressive. Certainly these clues make us understand that When The Ashes Devoured The Sun is not a particularly catchy work, although it is adequately equipped with a gloomy and melancholic potential as the genre requires. This does not mean that it is not a successful work, on the contrary: what I mean is that it could be misleading to approach the album expecting an epic potential equal to that of The Sky Over or a sorrowful and atmospheric pace similar to that of Pantheist’s O Solitude era or Aphonic Threnody themselves. In fact, a first and noticeable difference comes from the vocal compartment, where the characteristics of Panagiotou are of a very different nature from both the vocalists who accompanied Zara and Veronese in their main bands, both when he performs the clean voice and when he expresses himself with a “newfound” growl; these observations are necessary to realize how it is necessary to consider Towards Atlantis Lights as a reality in itself and listen to When The Ashes Devoured The Sun without the expectations conditioned by the names involved, but with the awareness of being in the presence of an album even more impressive than the already remarkable debut. Here, then, becomes less difficult to decrypt a dark and introspective work, enjoy the harshness as well as the most funereal slowdowns and virtually immerse themselves in the not very reassuring scenarios of the artwork created with the usual skill by Francesco Gemelli.

2021 – Melancholic Realm Productions