Memorandum – Menhirs​.​.​. Affres

If it is true that one of the main reasons that prompted me to talk about this debut EP by Memorandum is the fact that it is the funeral project of a musician who has just turned 17, you can not hide that the proposal shows several points of interest regardless of purely anagraphic issues. Despite his “tender” age, Caleb Simard is already very active within the Quebec extreme scene, so it’s not surprising that Menhirs… Affres is a product that is anything but immature, even if it could be perfected in several parts. The approach to the matter is typically quebecoise, as it draws sap from that fringe of the funeral that does not leave too much room for melodic digressions, starting from the founders Longing For Dawn to pass to the revived Krief De Soli and the more recent Atramentus; the two songs, equally valid, show a different trend: in fact, while L’Inexplicable Pigment De La Voûte Céleste (Décris D’Un Contexte Nihiliste Et Privé De Vue) drags itself in a linear way and all in all effective keeping within the orthodoxy of the genre, …Et Les Piliers De Moi Même M’Erode lives of a certain restlessness that leads to several changes of scenery resulting in its own way more courageous but also much more fragmented and therefore difficult to digest. It’s natural, after all, that such a young musician doesn’t have any problems in letting himself go to some digressions and patience if this goes to the detriment of the enviable compactness shown instead in the opening track. In terms of final balance and net of all the defects applicable to the judgment, Memorandum‘s debut is very promising even if it is clear that the good Caleb, evaporated the understandable exuberance post adolescence, will necessarily focus on a few and better defined projects, which I hope can be part of this matrix funeral.

2021 – Independent