Forever Falling – Suspended Over The Immanent

The fact that John Suffering McGovern has decided not to limit his musical activity to the band he founded, Chalice Of Suffering, is really something positive given the objective goodness of the projects he has been involved in lately. In fact, after the wonderful release of Solemn Echoes in cohabitation with Fabio De Paula of HellLight, we find the American vocalist struggling with another partnership, this time in Forever Falling with Tullio Carleo, an Italian musician active in the metal scene as a drummer at the turn of the century and revived a few years ago with the gothic doom project Voyage Noir: a name certainly not among the best known in the national sphere but that, with his work as composer and editor of the entire instrumental part of this work, overwhelmingly sweeps away any possible perplexity about it. The parallelism with Solemn Echoes ends here, because Into The Depths Of Sorrow was as melodic and airy as Suspended Over The Immanent was obscure and intimate. The gothic death doom of Forever Falling is often folded in on itself, thanks to John’s interpretation that, like it or not, strongly characterizes every work in which he lends his voice; Carleo, for his part, leads the sound in mostly rarefied shores, favouring the creation of enveloping and evocative atmospheres, which become touching in the moments in which space is given to the lead guitar. If sometimes there are some perfectible passages, the intensity and the conceptual clarity of the work sweep away any residual doubt, opening to the listener the main path for a listening focused on the potential emotional load of each song, with the central couple My Tears My Life / I Will Never Sleep destined to deliver to the ground more than a few rivulets of tears. Forever Falling‘s first work is not only a pleasant surprise, but also another gift for the fans of these sounds, in a rather fertile year that this autumn will reserve unmissable releases by heavy names.

2021 – Morning Star Heathens Music Group