Coffin Breath – The Tenebrous Mist

This is the first demo for Coffin Breath, probably a duo based on the few images available on the net, of which nothing else is known except that, from listening to these two long tracks that add up to over twenty minutes of good death doom, the feeling is that of being in the presence of musicians with proven experience in the extreme field. As the moniker suggests, the sub-genre is offered in its rawest form but, unlike many other bands with the same approach, Coffin Breath have a sufficient melodic taste in addition to significant epic veins, leading to a rewarding and not at all difficult listening. The Tenebrous Mist is pressing and leads to a convincing headbanging without losing the strong connotations of doom sound, artfully slowed down and made as morbid as ever by a notable growl, so we can only wait for the mysterious combo to a proof of how good it was given in the first instance with this debut step.

2021 – Seed of Doom Records