Veil Of Conspiracy – Echoes Of Winter

Veil Of Conspiracy show how in just two years the sound of a band can change significantly, but this is not surprising if you think of the range of nuances present in the full length Me, Us And Them, released in 2019. It was therefore natural, if not desirable, that the Roman band opted for a stylistic choice better focused in a specific direction, although it must be said immediately that the new Echoes Of Winter is anything but a one-dimensional work. What emerges, in any case, is that the compositional work of the two guitarists Emanuela Marino and Luca Gagnoni has lost most of the connotations of prog metal to arrive at sounds more soft and without those touches of oriental that sometimes surfaced in the previous work; Echoes Of Winter is nobly influenced by Katatonia and Opeth, especially the first ones, and it remains to be seen whether the presence of Alex Sforza (replacing Chris De Marco) at the microphone is a cause or effect of this, since his clean timbre is very close to that of Jonas Renkse. However, Veil Of Conspracy manage to avoid the risk of an excessive dependence on the Swedish masters by artfully hardening the sound, thanks to the well-dosed use of Sforza’s scream, that we learned to know both with Ars Onirica and Invernoir, and a very effective guitar work also in the solo phase, where the prog metal heritage re-emerges. Echoes Of Winter is a solid work, the result of a first-rate compositional work, which in closing gives a pearl as Where The Sun Turns To Grey, enriched by the voice of Gogo Melone; the song is objectively beautiful but if it’s listened as a taste of the whole album can be misleading, as it’s an episode completely obsequious to the most elegant and emotional gothic doom, in line with what the Hellenic vocalist did with her Aeonian Sorrow. In fact, the truth about what to expect can be obtained since the opening track Woods Of Nevermore, emblematic of a significant change that in my opinion can open Veil Of Conspiracy more doors than in the recent past.

2021 – Solitude Productions