Sleepwalkers – Anno Domini

Eight years have passed since the debut EP Hollowpath and in this time Sleepwalkers have made natural and considerable steps forward; in fact, the melodic death doom of stars and stripes matrix organized by Mike Watts and Caleb Bergen appears today very close, at least from a formal point of view, to that of the top bands of the genre, including the compatriots Daylight Dies. Anno Domini would technically be the second full length but it’s actually the first one of unreleased tracks, being 2017’s A Dismal Lineage an album of covers only; the new work doesn’t disappoint at all, justifying the long gestation and if the emotional impact is not yet able to be equal to that of their deities, Watts’ ability to churn out with good continuity valuable melodies cannot and should not be underestimated. All in all, the fact that the impact of Anno Domini tends to grow after each listening is an important signal about a depth that at first glance would seem to be lacking in Sleepwalkers; the album is revealed after a few steps in all its objective beauty, doing justice to the work of a valuable musician like Watts and an effective vocalist like Bergen.

2021 – Independent