Morast – The Palingenesis

After two full lengths, released respectively in 2017 (Ancestral Void) and 2019 (Il Nostro Silenzio), and as many interlocutory split albums, German band Morast return with an ep, admittedly not too long but rather indicative regarding the band’s potential. Compared to the past, the change behind the microphone is not insignificant, with the entry of Zingultus, active in the black metal scene since the nineties, in place of the original member F.; this sometimes seems to further harden the sound of Morast, which still keeps its death doom connotations as well as the post-metal derivations that have characterized the previous works. The Palingenesis, which since its title confirms the band’s tendency to deal with themes that are anything but trivial, seems to reach a more organic result and well focused on sounds that appear mostly introspective and with rare melodic openings, with both tracks, In Gloam and Augmentation Of Time, endowed with the emotional crescendo typical of post metal characterized by a soft start and then opening in a harsher and more impactful direction in the second half. If a little more than ten minutes of music may seem few in total to be significant, I will venture to say that this taste provided by Morast goes beyond these considerations as it seems to provide a stylistic address well defined, preparatory to the composition of a future full length capable of imposing the German quartet to the attention of fans of blackened death doom.

2021 – Totenmusik