The Maledict – Remembrance

The Maledict is an Australian band that has not been very well known until now, even though they have been active for several years and Remembrance is their third full length. Their previous albums Dread (2015) and Return To Gehenna (2019) had gone unnoticed, even though they were not negligible works, especially the first one in which we could already see some elements that would emerge in the new album, unlike the second one in which the death matrix of the sound was definitely predominant. Leaving aside what has been and dealing with current events, with this latest work we are in the presence of a work of great value, net of some details that could be improved, especially with regard to some passages sung with clean voice. For the rest, Rembembrance is a varied work, able to show death roughness as in the past, but mixing it with a melodic and melancholic sound without everything ending up appearing too derivative. If I have to make a comparison, I find in The Maledict something of the Marche Funebre in the rougher moments, which is not a bad thing considering the level reached by the Belgians with their last album Einderlicht, while the emotional outbursts bring us back to the school of the more airy American death doom led by Daylight Dies. The quintet from the state of Victoria don’t spare themselves and give almost seventy minutes of good intensity and with clear ideas from the point of view of the melodic approach, trying with good success to give each track a well-defined song form without this colliding with the considerable length of each one. Having said that, for personal taste, I prefer the slower and more poignant songs, Remembrance is a work that is appreciated as a whole, proving to be a pleasant surprise, especially for those who approach it with the furious technical death still in their ears, as they did only two years ago in Return To Gehenna.

2021 – Independent