After a convincing debut album, the U.S. duo called Hellish Form exploits the wave of good feedback from critics by proposing after a year a second full length entitled Remorse. Despite the fact that the coordinates may seem similar to ears unaccustomed to the genre, in fact the new release of Jacob Lee and Willow Ryan appears much more focused in the funeral direction, so that the only element related to depressive, which instead entered consistently in MMXX, is the use of scream instead of growl, all always aimed at evoking an inescapable despair. Not only that, in several moments a melodic impulse is manifested that brings the sound on territories more painful than torn by pain. In a little less than three quarters of an hour Hellish Form offer one of the most intense albums of the year, thanks to a writing that in a very short period of time has become much more airy and evocative, so as to deserve an unconditional praise from all points of view.

2021 – Translation Loss Records