Sinamort – The Idle Veil

The Idle Veil is the debut album of the Lithuanian band Sinamort, which tries in a convincing way with a subject that begins to be inflated as the gothic death doom. The kaunas band after a quite long apprenticeship enters the competition with an album that is ambitious in its intentions and reasonably up to those premises. The interpretation of the genre by the band founded by Rimantas Galvonas and Juozas Grigas is not aimed at slavishly following the stylistic elements codified in over thirty years of painful and melancholic sounds from Halifax, but is rather aimed at risking something by trying to explore the various facets. On the whole the operation succeeds, even if this ends up giving the whole thing a minimum of discontinuity that doesn’t always favour the fruition, so much so that as often happens the best comes when Sinamort do the easiest things, in the form of melodic cues of good effectiveness, instead of the more intricate ones, but what is liked in the end is a positive attitude that goes to constitute an important starting point to try to take a longer and wider flight at the next occasion.

2021 – Independent