Famishgod – Rotting Ceremony

The Spanish band Famishgod play the most intransigent fringe of death doom, the one that doesn’t provide for airy atmospheres or melodic and emotional surges. With their third full length, Rotting Ceremony, the duo formed by Pako Deimler (instruments) and Dave Rotten (vocals), substantially exhibits a morbid and rather slowed-down form of death doom, if we want to be clear, certainly more aimed at a fan of Incantation than one of Officium Triste. From such an album one can expect nothing more and nothing less than a coherent and competent performance of a sound as dark, harsh and corrosive as muriatic acid. Deimler grinds tarry riffs as if there was no tomorrow and a reliable vocalist as few as Dave Rotten (Avulsed, as well as owner of Xtreem Music) invests the listener with a growl that emerges from those depths where obscene and filthy creatures hide. All very nice, if you have the right predisposition to such sounds.

2021 – Xtreem Music