Catharsis – A Journey of Remembrance

It’s always nice to discover top-notch acts from countries that are normally off the radar when it comes to metal in the broadest sense; this is the case of the Egyptians Catharsis, authors of a debut full length that is entirely worthy of that of much more emblazoned bands. The band was founded in 2017 by Ahmed Sokkar, a vocalist who then surrounded himself with musicians of absolute value in order to compose an excellent album like A Journey of Remembrance, an impeccable example of how gothic death doom should be interpreted. Fresh, melodic, varied, with a little something to revise as it often happens only in the use of male clean vocals and in the contribution of female ones, the work involves emotionally from the first to the last note, keeping always high the tension for all its three quarters of an hour of development and bringing back the quality to the works of other bands of the Arabic area of the recent past as Chalice Of Doom or Kimaera. Sokkar proves to be a really good performer and his creature is only waiting for some label to take the trouble to seriously support a work that deserves to be exported to countries where these sounds are at home.

2021 – Independent