Mental Torment – Ego:Genesis

Ukrainian band Mental Torment come back after eight years from their first full length On The Vergeā€¦ and, although such a long time could be suggestive of some changes in the Kiev band’s compositional scheme, the reality is that Ego:Genesis starts exactly where the previous work ended. If the sound has gained in compactness and definition and perhaps it has been slightly strengthened, the formula offered by Mental Torment is still that of a melodic death doom, airy, sometimes dramatic, but that will hardly be able to leave deep scars in the soul of the listeners, since flashes of undoubted class end up being homologated within a work pleasant from the first to the last note but lacking the depth and intensity that should possess a work of the highest level in the genre. This means that Ego:Genesis is an album that can be listened to with pleasure, but the doubt is how many times one will listen to it before turning elsewhere. This is my thought, maybe a little bit severe towards these good Ukrainians, but the fear that nowadays many bands rely on a formula widely acquired is more than a feeling and, in the case of Mental Torment, it’s not enough to insert from time to time some impeccable lead guitar interventions to velvet the emotional chords of an audience lately very well accustomed. It’s a pity, because this band surely has the means to do and dare more.

2021 – Metallurg Music